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AR 11258 — STIS/CCD Side-2 pattern noise removal

Results for Target Name 'GAL-CLUS-002635+17-POS25'

The following 4 datasets are associated with Target Name 'GAL-CLUS-002635+17-POS25' and appear in the table below in order of their date and time of observation. Apart from a few header keywords associated with the pattern-cleaning step, and the 32-bit floating point nature of the pattern-free frames in each [SCI] extension, these datasets match the raw datasets retrievable from the HST Archive and are acceptable as such for further processing by 'calstis'. In most browsers, one can right-click on the name of a dataset and select "Save As" to download the corresponding pattern-cleaned Multi-Extension FITS (MEF) file. Note, that these files are gzip-compressed and that their uncompressed sizes range between ~4.3 and ~115 Mb. One may need to specify the download to be in binary mode. Alternatively, one may download the MEFs that contain only the detected noise patterns and subtract these frame by frame from raw datasets retrieved from the HST Archive. In that case, be sure to enforce floating-point arithmetic for both the subtraction and the returned result. (These pattern-only MEFs would remain valid even after possible future updates to the HST Archive or pipeline).

[Å]     [Å]
PI name

1 o66a25piq_raw.fits.gz o66a25piq_rwh.fits.gz 2001-07-21T18:30:02 1000.0 1,1062x1044,1x1 MIRVIS 50CCD 1640–10270 IMAG 6.483730 +17.136625 106.99 8559  Ellis, Richard
2 o66a25pjq_raw.fits.gz o66a25pjq_rwh.fits.gz 2001-07-21T18:51:42 1000.0 1,1062x1044,1x1 MIRVIS 50CCD 1640–10270 IMAG 6.483841 +17.136737 106.99 8559  Ellis, Richard
3 o66a25plq_raw.fits.gz o66a25plq_rwh.fits.gz 2001-07-21T20:04:54 1000.0 1,1062x1044,1x1 MIRVIS 50CCD 1640–10270 IMAG 6.484002 +17.136763 106.99 8559  Ellis, Richard
4 o66a25pmq_raw.fits.gz o66a25pmq_rwh.fits.gz 2001-07-21T20:26:54 1000.0 1,1062x1044,1x1 MIRVIS 50CCD 1640–10270 IMAG 6.483890 +17.136651 106.99 8559  Ellis, Richard

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